Alevan Botanica 4oz Spritz

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Say hello to an aromatic spritzer made with the highest quality essential oils! Spritz by Alevan Botanica can be used as a room spray, or as a face/body cleanse! It's perfect for any routine.

AWAKEN: Mist onto your face or in your home in the morning for a burst of energy or throughout your day to re-energize and re-focus. Awaken Spritz is great to keep at your desk for an afternoon work or study break. The blend of juniper berry, eucalyptus, and lemon is cleansing and purifying to any stagnation, lethargy, or tiredness in the morning or throughout your day. Mist onto your face or space and take a deep, cleansing breath. Safe for daily and frequent use. 

CLEANSE: Mist onto your face, yoga mat, or space to cleanse and clear the energy. Cleanse Spritz is an organic essential oil blend of laurel, eucalyptus, and lavender. Use it throughout your day as a way to cleanse your physical space and soothe the mind. Eucalyptus is purifying and cleansing, while lavender is antiviral and laurel is antibacterial. 

EVENING: Great as a body or face mist as well as a room spray in the evening to transition from work to home.  Evening Spritz is a blend of patchouli, clary sage and ylang ylang; this blend is grounding and earthy with floral notes. A unique blend designed to help transition from work to evening relaxation. Adding Evening Spritz to your nightly routine to balance and set the tone for rest and deep sleep.

SLEEP: Mist onto your face or body, pillows and/or bedroom to induce feelings of calm and restfulness. Sleep Spritz is a great beginning or end to your evening ritual inviting in rejuvenating, peaceful sleep.  Sleep Spritz is an organic essential oil blend of vetiver, roman chamomile and lavender; this blend promotes peace, calm and rest. Vetiver is stabilizing to the mind while Roman Chamomile and Lavender soothe and relax. Safe for daily and frequent use.

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