Dromedaris 15392 Kaley Leather

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Kaley is a simple lace-up shoe made in subtle metallic leather that radiates a soft glow. A soft padded tongue, faux fur, and leather linings provide softness, breathability, and comfort. Stylish, with generous toe room that gives the perfect fit!
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The outsole is made of our exclusive soft and gummy TR, contains a heavy welt with stitching and has been painted to give it the leather stack finish. This rocker bottom allows for enhanced walking motion and less strain on the back. Kaley contains our exclusive removable 4D technology footbeds with four different densities containing Carbon particles for anti microbial, anti fungal and odour absorbing properties. This high density foam never flattens and is made for lateral stability, arch support and shock absorption. The metatarsal with soft cushioning relieves pressure on toes. The perfect shoe for women who are on their feet all day!

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