Seeds SK400 Over-Dyed Kantha Scarves

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Due to the uniqueness of these scarves, the style and color availability will vary depending on the shipment we receive. Call us at 919-942-9008 to learn more about the styles in stock, to purchase over the phone, or you can come see them in store!
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Similar to the regular kantha scarf, but with the beautiful rich cohesive colors and patterns we love.

Made by women in India out of recycled saris. Fabrics are pieced together and then stitched by hand with a running stitch, called a kantha stitch.

Both sides have different patterns and colors. No two sides are alike and thus no two scarves are alike.

Because these are made from recycled saris you may find some fading, repairs, spots, or other signs of wear. Some see this as flawed, but others see this as part of their unique story. Since arriving from India, they have been laundered and carefully checked for quality control.

100% Cotton.

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