Elements Chocolate Bar

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Rich, delicious, vegan chocolate that will have you begging for more! With a rustic-like box, a lovely design on the bar itself, and an even more perfect taste, these chocolates are perfect for anyone and every occasion.



Orange Quinoa: Sweet overtone of orange with crunch of puffed quinoa with turmeric are bought together to create a decadent piece of chocolate

Rose Cardamom: Infused with cardamom and garnished with sun-kissed rose petals. Delicate floral notes with aphrodisiac overlay make this a very popular flavor

Peppermint Lavender: Lovely peppermint infused with lavender to relieve stress and promote deep sleep

Sea Salt Turmeric: Sea Salt from Cervia, a small town on Italy's Adriatic coast, meets Turmeric from India. Rich dark chocolate comes with benefits of turmeric to create a perfect treat for any time of the day

Beetroot Raspberry: Infused with Beetroot and garnished with organic freeze-dried Raspberries. This combination of Cacao and Raspberry is an absolute treat for any time of the day

Black Pepper Ginger: Blend of spicy and warm notes of ginger and black pepper makes this the most unique flavor. Packed with dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals, Black Pepper can also help improve digestion


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