Milk Chocolate Raspberry Flowers in Tin

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The perfect choice for those who love to combine chocolate and fruit. A slightly acidic interior made with the raspberry pulp, covered in milk chocolate. Presented in assorted tins illustrated with old promotional art from Chocolate Amatller. Honeyed aromas of milk chocolate, from which emerges the raspberry pulp, bringing the fruity, acidic notes, and creating a tangy-sweet moment of contrast with the chocolate. Chocolate Amatller was founded in Barcelona in 1797. After more than two centuries of manufacturing superb quality confectionery, is one of the oldest in Europe. All chocolate processing, including roasting of the cocoa beans, is carried out by Chocolate Amatller. Amatller chocolates are packaged in Art Noveau reproductions of beautifully illustrated wrappers and boxes originally used by the brand in the late 19th century.
Made in Spain