Marcona Almonds Dusted with Cocoa

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Marcona Almonds, toasted and caramelized, covered with white chocolate and dusted with pure cocoa. An irresistible combination of textures and flavors on the palate. Presented in metal boxes of various designs, all of which use logos originally employed in old promotional objects from the Amatller brand. At first, the pure cocoa powder gives a bitter taste with a lightly astringent touch, which is then offset by the sweet, creamy taste of the white chocolate, in a combination that is enriched by the toasted, caramelized notes and crunchy texture of the whole Marcona Almonds. An irresistible combination of flavor and texture. Chocolate Amatller was founded in Barcelona in 1797. After more than two centuries of manufacturing superb quality confectionery, is one of the oldest in Europe. All chocolate processing, including roasting of the cocoa beans, is carried out by Chocolate Amatller.
Made in Spain