Aurora Necklace

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The top and bottom buttons in this elegant necklace came from a button discovery that collectors' dreams are made of. We found them at a closing sale at the Worthmore Five and Dime in Rayne, Louisiana.

They were still attached to their original cards with a nostalgic price tag of twenty-five cents. They are some of the most exquisite West German glass buttons we’ve ever found.
They were manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s by the B. Blumenthal company under the trade names Le Chic, Costumakers, and Exquisit.
In this piece, from the top:

Lovely pink moonglow glass button set with a rhinestone, made in midcentury Western Germany and sold on Le Chic cards
Pink glass button of a rose accented with gold luster, hand-pressed in the Czech Republic in vintage molds
Art Moderne satin glass sunburst button, made in Western Germany by the B. Blumenthal Company circa 1950s
Three brass-plated pewter settings made in the USA
Stamped brass bail made in the USA
Antiqued brass chain

Made in United States of America