Satya NG048-L18 Lady of Guadalupe Nkl

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With unconditional love, motherhood allows us a glimpse of the divine. An 18kt gold plate coin pendant is graced with Our Lady of Guadalupe - an iconic symbol representing motherhood, hope, unconditional love and justice .

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Saint of Motherhood, hope and unconditional love
Pendant size: 26mm
18'' with 3'' Extension Chain
18KT Gold Plated Brass
Made in Thailand


Our Lady of Guadalupe - or Virgen de Guadalupe - is an icon of justice, motherhood, hope and unconditional love. As the patron saint of Mexico, she is revered in Roman Catholicism as the Virgin Mary who appeared in a vision to St. Juan Diego - an Aztec convert to Christianity - in Mexico in 1531. In taking the appearance and speaking the language of the indigenous, conquered population, Our Lady of Guadalupe reached marginalized members of society and reminded them they were valued by God and had a place of honor in the Catholic Church.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is depicted with roses at her feet. The second time she appeared to him, she instructed Juan Diego to collect roses as proof of her appearance to the bishop. When Juan Diego opened his cloak to the bishop during their second meeting, the roses fell out and inside his cloak, an image of Mary was imprinted.

Our Lady of Guadalupe represents motherhood as the mother of Jesus; justice in going where the need is greatest; love in her kindness and acceptance, and hope in her appearance to St. Juan Diego.