Rusty Birds Hummingbird Packaged

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Our Hummingbird with Flower design is curated to feature a real hummingbird’s realistic look and size in our iconic rusted texture. Display this in a native plant garden to attract other hummingbirds to feed!

All our metal garden art is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and vintage look. It would be the perfect accent on a front porch post, on a window frame, or along with a fence post in your garden.

Hummingbirds are tiny, yet iconic birds that can be spotted at feeders throughout much of the Americas. Bring their distinctive silhouette and energy year-round to your garden or patio with our Hummingbird with Flower metal garden art!

Stake: approximately 20"

Hummingbird and flower size: 5.5" wide x 7" tall