Artemis Tea Einstein - Minty Brain Tonic

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Einstein is a delicious Ayurvedic formula crafted to promote deeper concentration and creativity. This tea is truly delicious with notes of soft mint and vegetality.

Anti-inflammatory, particularly to cerebral tissues, and an outstanding aid for brain fog, confusion, depression, anxiety, ADHD, mental restlessness, headaches, and memory loss when used consistently.

Einstein features Gotu Kola and Bacopa monnieri, two ancient ayurvedic herbal medicines used for memory enhancement and cerebral health. Modern studies indeed support traditional uses for Bacopa supplementation as a remedy for improved attention, heightened focus, stress reduction, and increased mental calm by reducing inflammation in brain cells and heightening synaptic function. Gotu Kola has been shown to repair damaged neurons and promote growth of neural networks.

Ingredients: Holy basil,* spearmint,* peppermint,* ginkgo bilboa,* wood betony,* skullcap,* gotu kola,* rosemary,* rosehips,* essence of peppermint*



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