Cino 9028 Algiers Shirt

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Freshen up your closet with this stylish Algiers top by Cino! Both color options offer earthy and vibrant tones that you'll be able to pair with any shade of your favorite denim. Plus, it's a crinkle top, so say goodbye to that pesky iron!
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1. Hand wash in cold/warm water.

2. Wring as much of the excess water out as you can.  You could also lay out a towel, place your item on the towel, and then roll it up and twist it to absorb as much excess water as possible.

3. Finally, twist one end of your item clockwise and the other end counter-clockwise to form a long twisted sausage shape.  Once it's firmly twisted, secure the ends with rubber bands.  Some people like to leave the item out of the sun on a table to dry, while others like to secure both ends to a clothesline and let it hang in that shape to dry faster. The choice is yours!

4. Once dry, unroll it, give it a shake, and it's good to go! Or, keep it twisted and shake out prior to wearing.

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